Well installation

Forage LLE's Groundwater Sampling Well Installation Method

For your groundwater sampling needs, the Forage LLE team offers its well installation services. For wells to be functional, all steps are important and must be followed in accordance with procedures.

Groundwater sampling wells with variable diameters of up to 2 inches can be installed, using augers or casings equipped with tips.

Groundwater Sampling with the 7822DT Drill

To ensure a successful operation, Forage LLE installs its wells with Geoprobe's© 7822DT drill. Known for its efficiency, this machine allows you to execute sampling in a range of environmental settings.

Depending on your needs, the wells can be installed from three different systems:

  • Gutted auger (up to 2 inches)
  • DualTube 325 with tips (up to 1.25 inches)
  • DualTube 22 with tips (up to 0.75 inches)

They feature not only high-performing equipment but also the expertise to ensure that operations run smoothly. The installation of groundwater sampling wells allows you to closely follow the state of groundwater over the long term.

Trust Your Well Installation to Forage LLE

Adherence to the strictest well installation standards assures you quality sampling as well as the validity of the gathered results. By choosing Forage LLE for your projects, you're choosing to do business with competent drillers that work according to defined methods. The installations are done according to the drilling industry's best practices, so your groundwater sampling well installation will be done within a safe setting.

Gathering valid groundwater samples starts with the sound installation of a well. Contact the experts at Forage LLE now!