Manual Drilling

The Geoprobe© DualTube 22 System for Manual Drilling

Forage LLE can execute manual drilling with a spiked hammer or with a 60 lb sliding hammer. Both systems are compatible with Geoprobe's© DualTube 22 system, thus permitting ongoing soil sampling.

Manual Drilling Info

This permits sampling soils with PVS sheaths by sections of 61.92 and 122 cm (24, 36 or 48 inches), thus avoiding the cleaning procedures associated with split spoons.

Quality Manual Drilling Services

Trusting your manual drilling projects to the team at Forage LLE offers several advantages:

  • Since the system uses liner, the intervention does not imply any cleaning procedure
  • Samples are gathered on an ongoing basis, permitting rapid progress without struggling with samples from disturbed soil
  • This system can work with lost tips to allow for the installation of sampling wells up to a diameter of 0.75 inches

Call on Forage LLE For Your Manual Drilling Projects

The Forage LLE team offers you professional manual drilling services. With their precise and efficient techniques, you can count on these qualified drillers for quality work. Contact them now for more information on their drilling services.