Service de forage géotechnique

Why Choose Geotechnical Drilling?

To carry out geotechnical drilling, the Forage LLE team uses the Geoprobe© 7822DT rig. This rig allows us to access sites that larger rigs (rigs on trucks and on caterpillars, for example) cannot.

The casings are pressed into the ground via percussion, and no water or air are necessary for this procedure. This method is much quicker than those using augers. Moreover, geotechnical tests can be executed through 3.25 inch casings with the help of calibre B split spoons.

Geotechnical Drilling with the Geoprobe Rig

The Geoprobe© 7822DT rig has a geotechnical hammer calibrated for the index of refraction n. The samples gathered from a geotechnical drill are collected using split spoons. The drilling can be advanced through 7.62 cm (3.25 inch) casings in fine grounds and, with an auger that has been gutted 10.16 cm (4.25 inches), in coarser ones. Shearing measures can also be taken through these two systems.

Standard penetration tests (SPTs) can also be carried out up to a depth of 15.25 m (50 ft). A conical point can be pressed up to 44.20 m (145 ft). Shelby tubes are also offered to collect non-modified samples.

Choose Forage LLE

In addition to offering geotechnical drilling services that are in accordance with ASTM D1686-11 (Standard Test Method for Standard Penetration Test (SPT) and Split-Barrel Sampling of Soils), your business can also leverage Forage LLE's extensive experience in the field.

For more information on its geotechnical drilling services, don't hesitate to communicate with the experts at Forage LLE. They will analyze your drilling needs and advise you on the best solution for your situation.