Service de forage environnemental

Sampling Systems for Environmental Drilling

Forage LLE offers you different sampling systems. No matter the specifics of your projects, we will make available the equipment that best responds to your needs.

In consulting this section, you will be able to choose the type of system that is best adapted to your study, thus assuring that the drillers will arrive on your site with adequate equipment (note that the following dimentions are defined in inches/millimeters).

Info Environmental Drilling

If you need to gather samples at greater depths, or if you want to obtain advice from qualified drillers, don't hesitate to contact the Forage LLE team. They will be able to guide you in choosing the system best-suited to your needs.

MacroCore 5: This sampling allows one to sample at targeted depths without extracting what is above. The tip that renders the system airtight is placed at the base to prevent soil from entering. Once the desired depth is attained, It is then removed, allowing for sampling. The process saves cost and precious time.

DualTube 325: With this equipment, ongoing sampling is fast since it is done in sections of 152 cm (5 ft).

DualTube 22: In cases where the interior drilling is done and the ceiling is low, sections of 61 cm (2 ft) allow for space-saving.

Environmental Drilling & Safety

The Forage LLE team works with Geoprobe's© 7822DT drill, specially designed for environmental drilling. The Macro Core 5, the Dual Tube 325 and the Dual Tube 22 are 3 systems conforming to the industry's strictest safety standards. Using this type of equipment allows for a quick sampling, avoids cross-contamination, greatly reduces the risk of on-site accidents and ensures a sound execution of each intervention.

Trust Your Environmental Drilling to the Right Team

Forage LLE is the ideal partner for your environmental drilling projects. You will be more than satisfied by its professionalism and expertise, both in terms of customer service and site intervention. Don't hesitate to contact them for more information!