La foreuse Géoprobe

Geoprobe© Applications

For site environmental projects and for geotechnical projects in tight spaces, the Forage LLE team recently acquired Geoprobe's© 7822DT drill. This drill has been specially designed for this type of operation and offers many advantages compared to other traditional systems.

Advantages of Geoprobe's© 7822DT Drill

The advantages of the 7822DT for environmental drilling projects are:

  • Ongoing soil sampling
  • Gathering 60-inch carrots
  • Possibility of installing sampling walls from subterranean waters
  • By using percussion drills, executing casing drilling without using water or air

For geotechnical projects, the drill offers the following advantages:

  • Access to sites that drills on trucks or large drills on caterpillars cannot access
  • Access to sites with tight ceilings (4 meters)
  • By using percussion drilling, executing casing drilling without using water or air

For both types of projects, the drill is able to gather samples up to 15.24 meters (50 ft) in the ground. It is also equipped with PVC gains for the environment, which avoids the cleaning procedures of split spoons after the samples have been taken.

Geoprobe©: A Partner of Choice for Forage LLE

Since 1998, Geoprobe© has been committed to the ongoing improvement of its machines to make them higher performing. These machines evolve with the demands and needs of its clients. Forage LLE also shares this vision of development and constantly adjusts its services according to the needs of the Quebec market. When it comes to investing in equipment, Geoprobe© is Forage LLE's #1 choice.

Do these services interest you? Contact Forage LLE to discuss your needs. Its team will respond as soon as possible with the option best suited to your situation.