Technologies LLE

Using HRSC technologies brings many game-changing but complementary advantages to your usual characterization and remediation projects. To detect different families of contaminants, Technologies LLE puts several specialized tools at your disposal.

Volatil Organic Compounds and hydraulic profiling

The detection of volatic organic compounds (VOC) is realized with Geoprobe's MiHpt probe. It is equipped with instruments that allow for the simultaneous measurement of hydraulic and electric conductivity (indicative of soil lithology), and the content of VOC, as measured by the three detectors of the gas chromatograph to which VOC are directed after their evaporation by the heated surface of the probe. To read more about the MiHpt...

Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Detection of petroleum hydrocarbons is performed with the help of Dakota's UVOST probe. This probe is equipped with a UV laser that provokes electronic transition in hydrocarbons in a non-aqueous phase liquids state. The induced fluorescence is captured and analyzed by a spectrometer, which allows to trace the soil content of oils, fuel and other hydrocarbons at every depth. Click here to learn more about the UVOST.

Technologies LLE