In practice, how does it work?

Technologies LLE's HRSC are performed with probes directly pushed with a drill. Our probes are equipped with several sensible sensors and instruments that continuously measure soil properties during its descent in the subsurface.The high resolution data collected is displayed live and allows for immediate, precise profiling of soil types and their relative degree of contamination. The environmental expert can then retroactively optimize its data collection as he analyses the results directly on the field with the help of our qualified technicians. 

As a first step, it is important to evaluate your needs as well as the site conditions before choosing the correct approach and tools for your HRSC. Do not hesitate to contact Technologies LLE team to leave nothing to chance for your environmental projects.

Basic Services

The tools underlying HRSC offer various practical advantages that meet the various needs of experts in environmental evaluation and rehabilitation. LLE provides the following services at competitive prices:

  • High Resolution localisation of plumes contaminated with Volatil Organic Compounds (VOC) and alphatic hydrocarbons, plus determination of relative concentration with respect to their granulometric layer. See the MiHpt probe.
  • High Resolution localisation of plumes contaminated with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and C10-C50 (petroleum, oils, lubricants, etc.). See the UVOST probe.
  • Determination of hydraulic conductivity with the help of the Hydraulic Profiling Tool.
  • Determination of the depth of stratigraphic transitions and of the water table.
  • Evaluation of the performance of a rehabilitation (e.g. before/after an in situ treatment).
  • Real-time assessment of environmental disasters 
  • Advanced HR data analysis (interpolation, 3D conceptual modeling, data-based statistical inferences of contaminant's absolute concentrations (work in progress), etc.)

Personalized Services and R&D

Are you uncertain that a HRSC can profite your project? Do you have specific needs? Were you stroke by a genius research idea but do not have the tools to make it happen? Do you have a project that aligns with our mission, but we do not have the tools to help you? Technologies LLE's team take pride in being at the forefront of technical and methodological advances in environmental evaluation and rehabilitation. While we are currently working on our own research and development projects to better our methods, we remain fully devoted to our clients' need.

Do not hesitation to contact us today to discuss your ambitions, your R&D projects, or simply to ask us how a HRSC could benefit your projects. We are constantly on the lookout for new academic or industrial partners.