Historique Forage LLE

An Interest in Geology

Jean-François and Gabriel were first drawn to the field of geology because it combined two of their greatest interests: science and the outdoors. They then specialized in the environmental and geotechnical branches. The concrete aspect of thie field was another appealing element for the men, since it is all-present in daily life: the quality of the environment and subterranean waters, and new construction developments.

A New Way of Practicing Geology

As environmental and geotechnical consultants, their experiences in the field exposed them to the drilling environment, which allowed them to explore geology from a new perspective and to create an application that was more concrete and interesting.

The Forage LLE Company is Born

Their discovery in the field of drilling gave Jean-François and Gabriel a whole new way of thinking about and exploring their futures. The duo wanted to apply their acquired experience to the field of geology, with a focus on drilling.

Thus in March 2016 the Forage LLE company was born, allowing the two founders to develop their ideas and services in a completely autonomous and independent way. Thanks to their specialized kowledge in geology, they were able to quickly adapt to the field of drilling. They are also committed to making Forage LLE an innovative company that will adapt its services accoridng to the needs of the Quebec market.