Forage LLE

All About Drilling

The result of drilling, is a hole in the ground. For Jean-François and Gabriel, drilling represents much more; drilling reflects a growing interest in the composition of Quebec soils.

About Forage LLE

Forage LLE the company was created in March 2016 by Jean François Lavallée and Gabriel Laflamme. As two university geology graduates, they offer an important competitive advantage: knowledge of soils and the environment. In applying their expertise in drilling, they rediscovered the earth sciences from a new angle.

The Forage LLE Approach

They are ready to lend an ear to their clients to better understand their needs and to offer the best suited and most satisfactory solution.

Not only will you benefit from the additional knowledge of these two drillers' field of study, you will also enjoy competitive pricing on all of their environmental and geotechnical drilling services. Their drilling company's mission is to offer competitive pricing across the province of Quebec.

Forage LLE values, above all else, well-executed work and the safety of its employees, clients and the general public. They are committed to offering a customer service experience unlike any other, by accompanying clients throughout the process and providing advice drawn directly from their expertise.